Monday, February 15, 2010

The Song of Bernadette


This movie is a classic, released in 1943 by 20th Century Fox. "The Song of Bernadette"  starred Jennifer Jones as Saint Bernadette of Lourdes.

It tells the story of Bernadette Soubirous a poor peasant girl who has a vision of The Virgin Mary. The local political and religious leaders don't believe her, and view her as a "silly peasant girl". They try to get her to renounce her claims, and her vision becomes controversial in the region for several years, with authorities permitting and then denying true believers access to the grotto.

This film was released at a time when the world was involved in that terrible struggle we call World War 2. I think it's timing was appropriate in that it showed all that there was hope.

Evidently 20th Century Fox anticipated controversy between believers and non-believers with the release of "The Song of Bernadette". To take the edge off any controversy they inserted the now famous opening title "To those who believe in God, no explanation is necessary. To those who do not believe in God, no explanation is possible."

Her performance in "The Song of Bernadette" earned Jennifer Jones the 1943 Academy Award for Best Actress.

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