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Actor Andy Garcia Fights for Religious Freedom in 'For Greater Glory' | Daily News |

The following excerpts are from the National Catholic Register's interview with actor Andy Garcia regarding his role as atheistic General Enrique Gorostieta, which opens on April 20 in Mexico and June 1 in the United States:

What motivated you to take the role of Gen. Enrique Gorostieta in For Greater Glory?
I knew nothing about this story and was intrigued that it actually happened. So, No. 1, I was interested that something like this happened, and I hadn’t been aware of it.

After I read the script, I saw the research. The director brought me the Jean Mayer book on the Cristero War. As I got into the story, I found it was scintillating subject matter, and I was honored to be a part of it.

As a Cuban American, did the film’s theme of religious freedom have special resonance with you?
Sure; of course. When Castro took power in Cuba, the first thing he did was kick the Church and synagogues out of Cuba. In the Marxist-Leninist tradition, religion was seen as the opiate of the people. So there was an innate parallel there. It was easy to fight that fight in the movie because it was connected to my subconscious and my own history.

Given the current debate over religious freedom in this country, the timing of this film is particularly relevant, isn’t it?
Yes. There’s a price for freedom. The battle for religious freedom is going on around the world in many countries, on many different levels. You can’t take freedom for granted.

Click the link below to read the entire article,, and below the link, is Trailer #1 of the film "For Greater Glory".

Actor Andy Garcia Fights for Religious Freedom in 'For Greater Glory' | Daily News |

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